The 6 Basic Steps


Step1: Check out our Basic Membership Criteria to confirm the Membership Category to which you desire to apply for or contact the Institute directly.

Step2: Pay the sum of N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira Only), being a non-refundable Membership Application Fee for all categories; EXCEPT for Corporate Membership, which attracts a non-refundable Membership Application  Fee of  N25, 000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira Only).

Payment could be made directly into any of the  bank accounts below:

Access Bank
Account Name: Institute of Certified Sales Professionals
Account Number: 0055909086

Sterling Bank
Account Name: Inistitute of Cetified Sales Professionals
Account Number: 0009806185

Step3: Fill and submit the Application Form (paying attention to enter the Application Fee payment details correctly)

Step 4: Once we receive your application, you will be duly advised. On receiving the official acceptance of your Application, you may proceed to pay your Registration Fee, before submiting your Registration Form. You will then be advised on the date for the PRE-Induction Training.

Step 5: Participation in the first exclusive PRE-Induction Training is mandatory for every prospective member of the Institute. It is only those who participate in this that can be inducted as substantive members of the Institute.

Step 6: The National Induction Programme Shall Be for those who have satisfied all the above conditions within any given year. It is also ONLY at this event that Prospective members can receive their membership Certificates/Licenses and the Institute’s other unique paraphernalia.




If you were previously a member of the Institute or completed our application form but failed to go through to induction for whatever reason, kindly feel free to get in touch with our  Members’ Welfare Team by sending an email to or



Membership renewal is due at the beginning of each calendar year and can be completed online or by contacting the Customer Service team. Remeber that most benefits, such as Life Policy, are only effective for up-to-date members only


Members of the Institute:

    1. Conduct themselves with integrity and dignity and act in an ethical manner in their dealings with the public, clients, customers, employers, employees, colleagues and the broader insurance and finance industry.
    1. Act with competence and strive to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills, encouraging the development of those abilities in others
    1. Use proper care and exercise professional judgment regarding the appropriateness of their actions, independent of the activities of others within their company or the broader industry
    1. Demonstrate respect of others in the discharge of their professional and personal undertakings
    1. Strive to encourage other industry practitioners to apply similar standards in their professional conduct to those that Institute members expect of themselves
    1. Demonstrate commitment to professional development.

A member of the Institute should not undertake any activities that will bring the ICSP into disrepute.