Basic Membership Criteria

Corporate Membership

*  Any organization that is duly registered with CAC.
*  Possession of sales personnel.
*  Desire for increased staff professionalism.
*  Engagement in credible business
*  Good public image.
*  Desire to partner with the Institute to promote professionalism in Selling.

Fellows (FCSP)

* Chairmen/Managing Directors/Executive Directors/Sales Directors/GM-Sales/
National Sales Managers/etc
* Directors-General/Permanent Secretaries/Deputy Directors/Assistant    Directors/etc
* Professors/Associate Professors/Readers/etc.
* Membership of other professional institutes
* 15 or more years of relevant experience.

Full Members (MCSP)

* Branch Managers/Area Sales Managers/Sales Managers/etc & their    public- sector equivalents.
* Senior Lecturers/etc
* Membership of other recognized professional bodies.
* Minimum of First Degree/HND.
* 10 or more years of relevant experience.


As the leading professional Sales Institute in Nigeria, ICSP offers a platform to advance your thinking, develop your skills, fuel your development and fulfil your potential – so that you are equipped to take on the challenges of a changing marketplace.

Associate Membership (ACSP)

* Assistant Managers/Sales Officers/Sales Supervisors/Senior Sales Reps/Sales Reps  
   & their public-sector equivalents.
* Lecturers/Etc
* Minimum of First Degree/HND holders.
* Membership of other recognized professional institutes.
* 8 or more years of relevant experience.
* P.Sd Certificate.

PPS Application Form

Graduate-Membership (GCSP)

* P.Sc Certificate

PPS Application Form

Student-Membership (SCSP)

* Candidates of P.Sd or P.Sc

PPS Application Form


Membership Application Fee

Membership Application Fee is N5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira) for all categories EXCEPT for Corporate Membership Fee which cost N25, 000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira).

Payment Could be made to:-


Access Bank:- 0055909086


Sterling Bank:-0009806185