Membership Benefits

A whopping 98% of members say they would recommend membership to colleagues. The finding comes from recent research among ICSP members, which reinforces the value of ICSP membership to sales professionals.

Members provided feedback on the value of belonging to professional associations. Typical reasons included keeping in touch with the latest developments in their field, networking, and professional credibility and recognition.

ICSP membership – the mark of a professional “Professional recognition”is cited as a key reason for joining a professional association by eight out of 10 of them (82%). Other benefits perceived by many as important include best practice (cited by 56%), specialised information (55%) networking (47%), and education (43%).



  1. Significantly enhanced professionalism
  2. Enhanced career progress and prospects
  3. Significantly enlarged professional network
  4. Assistance in securing new jobs
  5. More respect and recognition in both the work-place and the society at large.
  6. Access to much better pay package.
  7. Regular access to both local and international expertise, particularly in the area of Selling.
  8. Heavily discounted charges for participation in the Institute’s programmes.
  9. Material and non-material assistance in times of need.
  10. Institutional and group support in any proven case of corporate maltreatment
  11. Opportunity to win the Institute’s Annual prizes.
  12. Free access to the Institute’s facilities and study reports.