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Life lesson!

Life lesson!

If you truly desire more than what you are getting presently, apply now! Download your application form  Here! Next Flight commences April 2019!   A biology teacher taught her students how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.   To make the lesson permanent in their mind, she brought a caterpillar into the classroom and said to […]

The Salesman!

The Salesman!

“Salesmen are a big problem to their bosses, customers and wives, to credit managers, hotels, and sometimes to each other. Individually and collectively they are cussed and discussed in sales meetings, conventions, behind closed doors, in bathrooms, bar rooms, and under one’s breath from many angles, and with much fervor. They make more noise and […]



Congratulations for making it this far. It is indeed a great feat to be mobilized as an NYSC member! It is an honourable thing to become a graduate at last. I have good news for you; but there is also a bad news, which may not be for you. The good news is that you […]

Is Your Selling Technique Destroying Sales?

For sales professionals in any industry, finding the right balance between maintaining existing customers and attracting new prospects is a continual battle. Should you devote most of your time and focus on nurturing new leads who could result in a sale, or an existing client who is guaranteed to follow through? Is it more important […]

What are the most important questions to ask prospective sales employees during an interview?

When hiring a new salesperson, asking the right interview questions are essential to securing a highly-skilled employee. However, what are the most important questions you need to ask? This answer depends on the position you are interviewing for, as there is no standard list that should be proposed to all potential hires. Therefore, there are […]

What are the best ways to engage with my audience on social media?

Modern social media platforms are a great way of not only connecting with your clients and prospects, but they act as a great tool for inbound content marketing. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are wonderful places to share valuable content while connecting to various audiences. Here are 5 ways you can use social […]

Four Common Destructive Sales Management Styles

I’ve had the privilege of working with many new managers whose company hired me to help them transition from seller to manager or to work with existing managers to become more effective. One of the recurring issues I’ve discovered is a misunderstanding of what a sales manager is. Whether I’m working with a newly promoted […]

Is Sales Management for You?

It’s not uncommon for successful sales professionals to be offered promotions into sales management jobs. And because it’s considered a “promotion,” it’s easy to think the seller should take it. But should she… or he? I’ve seen a lot of people make this move and many end up regretting it.  Just because they’re good at […]