About ICSP

The Institute of Certified Sales Professionals (ICSP), otherwise called the Nigerian Sales Institute, is the representative body of all salespeople in Nigeria. Established under CAM Act 1990, ICSP has been the domain of men and women who have made a deliberate and well considered choice to take up the Art of Selling as a laudable profession and to pursue it with all the professionalism, rigour, ethics and of course, the fun, it rightly deserves. It officially commenced operations in 2012.

The ICSP is committed to developing Sales talent and is also recognised as a diploma awarding organisation with a full range of qualifications in Selling and Sales Management.

As Selling skills is a sine qua non for outstanding recognition in any field, ICSP members are drawn from every sector of the Nigerian economy. From those just embarking upon a Sales career through to senior and experienced Sales Managers and Directors and unto people who are not into core Selling, they share a commitment to upholding the requisite professional standards and integrity that are all hallmarks of success and societal trust.

Our Core Objectives

ICSP is dedicated to advancing the field of professional Selling through its Key Objectives:

  • To make Selling a distinct, admired and highly respected profession both within and outside the work-place in Nigeria.
  • To ensure that Selling is no longer seen as an all-comers’ affair or a job for school drop-outs.
  • To drastically reduce all the major causes of organisational anxiety about Sales people.
  • To make people within and outside organizations to really appreciate the importance of Selling and the significance of Sales people in their lives.
  • To ensure that people entrusted with the goods and services of organizations conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity and professionalism
  • To creatively and progressively enhance the knowledge and skills of all Sales people in the country.
  • To help our members to continuously expand their social, intellectual and corporate networks.
  • To offer members a platform for regular interaction and socialization with people of like disposition and interests.
  • To secure, maintain, protect and promote the interest of all professional Sales people in Nigeria.
  • To inspire members of the profession to leverage their unique skills and opportunities to play more impactful roles in both their organizations and the society at large.
  • To unapologetically promote a very strong bonding among members of the Sales profession as well as create a very strong group solidarity.

To ensure the full and extensive commencement of Sales Management as a distinct, multi-level discipline in our tertiary institutions


To be one of the three most popular, most admired and most patronized professional institutes in Nigeria.


To produce, protect, promote and guide high-quality sales professionals across Nigeria through very exciting, open-access, ‘I-need-more’ approaches


To promote knowledge and professionalism among sales professionals and foster wide understanding of the role of sales in the business.